PMC  Eric Backhuis B.V. 
Projectmanagement and Consulting

Phone: +31 43 70 74 180     
Cell phone:+31 6 28 99 19 43     

About PMC

PMC Eric Backhuis BV:
Is represented by a senior Project manager cq Project director with
years of experience national and International in large and complex industrial-, civil- and utility projects and overhaul stops.

Contract Form:
You can hire PMC at:
                                            hourly base.
                                            temporary base.
                                            project base.
                                            by fixed price for a defined work scope.

Chamber of commerce Maastricht:
PMC Eric Backhuis is registered as a Limited under number 51457776.
VAT number: NL 8500.27.020.B01

Declaration of the Dutch Tax Department:
This Declaration is valid for one Year and registered under number VAR/0119/118455606/.
The Declaration will give You the certainty that the legal tax is paid by
PMC Eric Backhuis BV